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Blue Power Ranger Claims He Quit Show Because of Anti-Gay Remarks

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It was until nearly 15 years later in 2010 that Yost came forward with two major admissions: he was gay, and the real reason he walked away from Power Rangers was because he was harassed about his sexuality.

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Heartbreakingly, Yost admits, “I was called ‘faggot’ one too many times [by] creators, producers, writers, directors.” He also said that his costars were “called in a couple of times to different producers’ offices and questioned about [his] sexuality, which is kind of a humiliating experience to find that out.”

As if the anti-gay slurs weren’t bad enough, after leaving Power Rangers, David entered conversion therapy to “fix” his homosexuality, saying “It frustrated me that I hated myself on such a level that I couldn’t accept myself.”

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“I can relate to Billy in the sense that he is kind of a loner, and sort of on the outskirts.” Watch this installment of the interview to hear David give his full side of the story on leaving the show.

Growing up watching the show, you never could have imagined the sort of prejudice happening behind the scenes, or the lasting impact that homophobia would have on Yost after the show.

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After trying to “pray the gay away,” Yost had a breakdown and spent five weeks in the hospital before finding peace with himself.

Luckily, Yost bounced back into the entertainment and Hollywood scene and continued to produce, act a bit, and do the convention circuit where Power Rangers fans can still meet him. Yost is also involved in LGBT support groups and has become an important figure for people questioning their sexuality or learning to accept themselves.

Leaving us with some advice, David says, “I would tell you that I completely understand the way that you feel, and I’m sorry if it feels like the world is against you in some way and that you’re doubting yourself and questioning yourself [….] I know the humiliation and the self-hatred that comes with that, so my heart goes out to you.”

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