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Boy Finds Out He’s Going to Be a Big Brother, His Reaction? Priceless

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Source: Facebook @Teresa Dooley

Every once in a while, that viral video comes along that really just puts a smile on your face.

I’ve felt that way all day, ever since I saw this YouTube video of a six-year-old Irish boy reacting to some very special news: he’s going to be a big brother for the first time.

Jake Dooley is from Kildare, Ireland, and he recently got the best news of his life when mom and dad sat him down in the living room for their special announcement.

From the start, you can tell that Jake’s parents staged this important news to make a cute video, but Jake’s reaction makes it so genuine and happy, you won’t be able to help but smile or shed a tear. First of all, you have some super emotional Ed Sheeran playing in the background, and then, Jake’s mom Teresa has him read the announcement off of flashcards.

The final sentence he reads says, “Now look at your T-shirt,” which his mom is holding in front of him. It reads “This guy is going to be a big brother.” The second Jake comprehends what his parents are telling him, he leaps into his mother’s arms and starts to cry.

Something tells me Jake is going to be one AWESOME older brother! If this video warms your heart, make sure to give it a SHARE!

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