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Boy With Tourette Syndrome Finds Solace Through Singing

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Perhaps his greatest fear, Adam’s Tourette’s can flare up while in class or in public, complete with outbursts of coprolalia. He documents these situations in order to learn more about himself and to show others what adolescence with the condition can be like.

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Warning: there is some strong language involved!

So how does Adam deal with his tics? As it turns out, they almost completely disappear when he’s singing…

Adam’s YouTube page is filled with footage of his many and varied performances. Aside from his natural talent for singing and playing piano, Adam writes his own songs. Here’s an original piece performed live, with the recorded version at the end:

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Adam’s online presence has recently been gaining some traction on social media, including a viral performance on Facebook. Here’s another impressive song, this time a Panic! At the Disco cover.

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Check out Adam’s YouTube page to see more videos, and don’t forget to SHARE his story to educate others about Tourette’s!