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Bradley Cooper Lookalike Crashes Sundance Film Festival

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What Would You Do If You Looked Exactly Like Bradley Cooper?

For Matt Katzenbach, who is a dead ringer for Bradley Cooper, the answer is obvious: attend the Sundance Film Festival and use your looks to get into exclusive bars and parties. A video uploaded to YouTube on January 29 shows Katzenbach doing just this.

Taking guidance from a Vanity Fair article about him that offers tips for impersonating Cooper, the video shows Katzenbach posing for photos with fans of the actor, casually dropping names of Cooper’s co-stars in conversation, DJing while dressed up in a chef’s uniform from Cooper’s film Burnt, and getting propositioned by a starstruck woman.


“Pro-tip 1: Wear a suit jacket, but no tie. Don’t tuck in your shirt. Look like you slept in the clothes you’re wearing, but also like you could be sitting front row at a Prada fashion show in them (we know, it’s a tricky balance).”

Who is this guy? How did he pull off the Sundance stunt? Does he really look THAT much like Bradley Cooper?

Keep reading to find out how Matt pulled off his B.Coop impersonation to a T!

Pro Tip No. 2:


“Walk up to one of the caterers passing around hors d’oeuvres, and crouch down a bit and say, “How are you doing tonight, hon? You O.K.?,” and then when she starts to answer, sort of absentmindedly look around the room.”

So far so good. Matt managed to pull off this risky stunt with ease – the star-stunned caterer didn’t even notice that the man she was drooling over, wasn’t Bradley Cooper.

Pro Tip No. 3:


“Drop David and Jennifer and Sienna into conversation, with as much verbal italics as possible.”

As Matt posed for pictures with still unsuspecting partygoers, he took Vanity Fair’s guidance and aggressively name dropped his former costars. Mostly, people were just confused. They probably thought he was drunk!