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Breakfasts From Around The World

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Is “nom” universal?

While we here in the US typically have carbs and sweets for breakfast, that isn’t the case in many other countries. Most countries indulge in a savory breakfast. Move over eggs and cereal, hopefully these global morning meals may catch on here.


Source: Instagram @levure_bakery

Let’s take a delicious trip around the globe!

Vietnam: Pho

vietnamese pho bowl

Source: Instagram @mamma_yammy

While Western fans of this savory noodle soup eat this for lunch or dinner, in Vietnam, it makes for a wonderful, warm way to start the day. It’s complex flavors and rich broth have won over millions of fans. The Vietnamese also start their day with bun (rice vermicelli bowl) and the popular banh mi sandwich. Rice, vegetables, and meat sounds like it would hold me over until dinnertime.

Mexico: Chilaquiles


Source: Instagram @levure_bakery

There’s no one Mexican breakfast staple. But many of them involve meat, tortilla, eggs and beans. Huevos rancheros is another popular option, which we here in the US often see on brunch menus. Chilaquiles recipes varies from region to region, but generally it is a peasant dish of fried tortillas bathed in green or red salsa (or even mole) until tender. I would eat any Mexican dish as my first, second, third or fourth meal.