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Brits Keep It Real With Twitter Hashtag #WeirdThingsAmericansDo

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A Dose Of Reality From Our Friends Across The Pond

It’s been over 240 years since America declared its independence from our madre patria, England, and yet we still manage to constantly make comparisons between two very different countries separated by a very large ocean.

On March 28, Twitter user and US high school student @TourAdidas shared some of their thoughts about Britain and some of its cultural norms, asking why British people say maths instead of math, questioning the need for so many telephone booths and wondering why the legal age for drinking alcohol is 18 compared to 21 in the US.

After the tweets began to go viral, the Red Coats started firing back at @touradidas with criticisms of our own country’s cultural quirks and the teen soon made his Twitter account private. Luckily, we still have the hilarious responses from the ordeal saved under the hashtag #WeirdThingsAmericansDo.

American High school student tweets about differences between Britain and USA

Source: Twitter @TourAdidas

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As someone who’s not yet 21, I think Natalie might really be onto something here!

#weirdthingsamericansdo hashtag on Twitter

Source: Twitter @NatalieJ74

Child safety? CHILD SAFETY? HMM? How safe is it going to be when America’s youth has to resort to buying Kinder Eggs on the black market? They could be LACED for all you know. Fools.

#weirdthingsamericansdo hashtag on Twitter

Source: Twitter @Norgrove01