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Buff Bernie Sanders Is Our New Dream Candidate

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74 has never looked so good.

Maybe democratic socialism isn’t your thing. Maybe you don’t care about big business running the country, or disappearing social security and retirement funds. Heck, maybe you’re just not a fan of basic equality. But you can’t ignore these muscles.

Illustrator Nicole Daddona has reimagined one of this year’s candidates, and now Bernie Sanders looks like the superhero that so many Americans believe him to be.

Think you can handle Buff Bernie? These illustrations are almost too hot to handle.

buff bernie intro

Source: Instagram @nicoledaddona

Feel the Bern and learn how you can get your hands on Buff Bernie!

Most of us may think of a scrawny, elderly man when we think of Bernie Sanders, but once you see these images, you’ll never look at the candidate the same way again.

buff bernie 1

Source: Instagram @nicoledaddona

Buff Bernie’s taking the pectoral college by storm.

The best part? These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill Buff Bernie Sanders drawings: they’re part of the coloring book you didn’t know you needed this election season!

buff bernie 2

Source: Instagram @nicoledaddona

Buff Bernie’s trading in super PACs for six packs.