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Buff Bernie Sanders Is Our New Dream Candidate

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“I just published my first coloring book,” wrote artist Nicole Daddona, “and it’s BERNIE SANDERS themed! Actually, it’s not just Bernie Sanders themed – it’s BUFF BERNIE SANDERS themed!” With adult coloring books and politics both in vogue right now, it’s sure to be a hit.

buff bernie 3

Source: Instagram @nicoledaddona

Buff Bernie’s ready to tackle gun control with some serious guns of his own.

As disturbing and intriguing as it seems, the coloring book is filled with no less than 20 hand-drawn illustrations, ready to be brought to life by aspiring artists and lovers of coloring books everywhere.

buff bernie final

Source: Instagram @berningdowntheheights

In the words of the artists, “If you feel the Bern like I do, get yourself a copy!”

The Buff Bernie Sanders coloring book will only cost you a cool $7.20 on Amazon. Buy yours before they sell out!

Even with the democratic race still up in the air, Buff Bernie is sure to win the race to your heart.

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