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Bulletproof Boba Fett Body Armor for Sale

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Mandalorian armor is feared throughout the galaxy. Now you can be, too!

Though he barely has any lines – or much screen time in the original trilogy, for that matter — Boba Fett was recently ranked by Rolling Stone as the third best Star Wars character of all time.

From the thrilling pursuit of his subplot to his battle scenes, Boba Fett is a lurking menace throughout Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi that secured his place in fans’ hearts even before he debuted in Episode V.

Needless to say, much of the character’s popularity comes from his Mandalorian armor, a unique suit that made Fett much more fearsome given the Mandalorians’ murderous and warmongering past.

Now this armor can be yours.

boba fett armor featured

Source: Twitter @itsmydayru

Check Out What the Armor Includes

Designed by armorers at AR500, the imitation Boba Fett armor was created as part of the GalacTac prokect, and is a sum of contributions by various manufacturers.

boba fett armor 1

Source: Twitter @FastCoCreate

Inspired by the most fearsome bounty hunter in the galaxy, the armor, mainly designed for paintball, is ballistically tested. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s Sarlacc proof.

Here’s a representative from AR500 showing off the Star Wars-inspired armor. Skip ahead to 3:10″ to see the good stuff!

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Versions of the armor are available on designer Ryan Flowers’s website. You can purchase the base model — which includes a helmet, chest/ shoulder armor, gauntlets, cod piece, and a jet/ jump pack — for $325.00.