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Can I Skip the Elections and Vote for Kid President Instead?

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“If we’re all on the same team, let’s start acting like it.”

Politics is a messy business. Oftentimes, with the heated debates, misconstrued issues, unclear opinions, and caricatural candidates, focus quickly drifts from the real matters at hand into the realm of populist popularity contests. It’s no wonder so many young Americans continue to lose interest in politics and don’t show up at the polls come voting day.

One American youth, however, is dancing to the beat of a different drum.

Kid President—actually the 12-year-old actor Robby Novak—first came to internet prominence in October 2012 through a series of YouTube videos produced by Soul Pancake. The upbeat, uplifting miniature “politician” is known for his positive outlook on life, powerful commentary on social issues, and his affinity for dancing.

Yet his innocent approach to life’s biggest issues aren’t just the cute ramblings of a child and his video team: Kid President is a reminder to focus on the real issues at hand instead of the outrageous smoke and mirror productions that seem to dominate the political stage today.

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Source: YouTube @SoulPancake

Not happy with the candidates this year? Listen to Kid President’s platform instead!

Though he looks like your average 12-year-old, Robby’s story is as inspiring as his words.

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The young boy suffers from Osteogenesis imperfecta, a congenital bone disorder also known as “Brittle Bones Disease” in which his bones are more susceptible to breaks. In 12 years, he’s had over 70 fractures.

This tough reality makes his optimistic platform even more inspiring…

For starters, he gives amazing pep talks that all Americans can benefit from.

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“And if life is a game… aren’t we all on the same team?”