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Canada Experiments With Giving People Free Money

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This isn’t a joke.

Sometimes called as “America’s hat,” Canada is a wonderful place and country. It’s very European, super friendly and offers universal healthcare. (Plus who can forget the wonderful dish of poutine).  The very generous Canadian government is now offering some of their citizen the ultimate reward: Free money!

Some European countries have discussed similar ideas of giving their citizen a monthly allowance regardless of work status. In Finland, people are going to receive an extra 800 euros per month, which is almost $900. In some cities throughout the Netherlands, people receive an extra $1,000!

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What’s the deal?

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The Canadian province of Ontario announced last month that it will pilot a social welfare program that will be coming to the Canadian province sometime later this year. How? They will send people monthly checks to cover living expenses such as food, transportation, clothing, and utilities.

What for?!

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As it’s seen as a very socialist move by opponents, it’s as simple and generous as it sounds: Money from the government to cover living expenses like food, transportation, clothing, and utilities. How people spend it is up to the individual. Of course money could go to people who engage in not-so-upstanding things like drugs and alcohol.