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Catch All the Muscles at Japan’s New Pokémon Gym

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Could I Please Speak to the Gym Leader?

For many people in the world — especially those of us who loved the franchise when we were younger — we wish that Pokémon could be real.

No, I don’t mean replacing the entire fauna of the planet with adorable and also freaky animals that exist only to be violently captured and used in battle, but, all moral issues aside, wouldn’t it be cool if just a little bit of the Pokémon universe were real?

Well now it is.

If these pictures from Japan’s new real-life Pokémon Gym don’t bring you back or rekindle your obsession with the franchise even a tiny bit, I don’t know what will.

japan pokemon gym intro

Source: Twitter @ErnestaVala

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japan pokemon gym 1

Source: Twitter @MilkshakeMx

From the moment you see this gym on the street in Osaka, you know you’re walking into something special.

Walking In

japan pokemon gym 3

Source: Twitter ‏@donaiyanenna2

The colorful insides look very typically Japanese and like something from out of a Pokémon fantasy world.