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Cats Photobombing Famous Historical Images

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Cats on Cats on Cats

Photobombing may be one of the more annoying developments of recent photographical history, but when a cute animal is the culprit, the result instantly becomes timeless.

So that got us thinking: why not reimagine some famous historical images now featuring your favorite household feline? Ladies and gentlemen, we present the great cat photobombs of history.

cat photobombs war kiss

Source: Creative Commons

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Catam and Eve

cat photobombs adam and eve

Source: ivan-96/ feoris

Just remember, back in the Garden of Eden, it wasn’t Adam and Steve.

Unless Steve was the cat.

Meow-na Lisa

cat photobombs mona lisa

Source: Javier Soriano

The mysterious smile of a crazy cat lady.