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Cats VS Christmas Trees

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Those Christmas Trees Never Had a Chance

Any cat owner knows that Christmas is a very special time of year for kitties. Ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, blinking lights and garland are the stuff of kitties’ dreams. They all look like toys. And the piece de resistance is always the Christmas tree – a massive green scratching post with hundreds of dangling punching bags hanging from its branches. Naturally, the battle to keep tree upright and the bulbs from hitting the floor is difficult, as most cats just can’t seem to hold themselves back. Here are a few that are still battling it out, fir tree VS furball.

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cat sees christmas tree

Source: Imgur/@LockeProposal

Arcade Kitty

cat fighting with christmas lights

Source: Imgur/@sfsuser

Safety hazard is out of control here but it looks pretty cool.

“Imma Knock This Down So Hard”

cat sees christmas tree

Source: Imgur/@LockeProposal

With childlike excitement he prepared his plan of attack.