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12 Celebrities Who HATE Guns

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Star Power Weighs in on Gun Control

Gun control may be the most contentious topic in the United States at the moment.

Fiercely defended by many as a right bestowed upon us by our forefathers and protected by the Constitution, there are now more guns than Americans in the USA, and the number of mass shootings across the country is only increasing.

The opposition isn’t asking that all guns be taken away from their owners and destroyed, nor are they asking for guns to be made completely illegal. What they want is reform. After all, gun laws in the Bill of Rights were made a time when the population of the United States was roughly equivalent to the population of Los Angeles today. What’s more, guns in 1791 were not made for rapid-fire assault, but rather took precious time to shoot and reload. Guns have changed: our laws should change too.

But how can we convince politicians to change gun laws when they haven’t budged? If desperate citizens aren’t enough to alter gun culture in America, to whom can we turn?

Following the tragedy in Orlando and the Congress sit-in, many celebrities have expressed their anti-gun stances on social media. Luckily, the sway of these vehemently anti-gun celebrities could be what we need to get gun reform out of the barrel.

anti gun celebrities kim kardashian

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Could their star influence be enough?

Kim Kardashian West

anti gun celebrities kim kardashian west

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“After Orlando, Congress hasn’t done anything and now they’re going on vacation. I say #NoBillNoBreak”

John Legend

anti gun celebrities john legend

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“We have to vote the GOP out of leadership of both House & Senate to get anything done on guns. Please vote in November.”