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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Refugees

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3. Albert Einstein

celebrity refugees albert einstein


Although non-practicing, Einstein was from a Jewish family. He was on a trip to the United States for research when Nazi Germany starting passing anti-Semitic laws; he was even declared an enemy of the regime, and a bounty was put on his head. Aware that he could not return home, Einstein took a post at Princeton and applied for American citizenship.

4. Rita Ora

celebrity refugees rita ora


Famous for songs like “Radioactive” and “Coming Home,” this chart-topping performer was born in Kosovo to Kosovar Albanian parents; her father is Muslim, and her mother is Catholic. In 1991, when she was one year old, her family left Kosovo because of the ethnic cleansing against Albanians under Milosevic.

5. Karl Marx

celebrity refugees karl marx


Born to a wealthy family in Prussia, Marx later lived in Germany and France before he was exiled to London with his family in 1849. Known for his extreme political views and support of socialism and communism, Marx was a refugee for most of his life and died stateless.