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Celebs at High School Prom. OMG Rihanna’s Dress Was Incredible.

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Save the Last Dance for Me

We’ve all been there: The awkward years of adolescence we’d rather forget about. While the years themselves may have been wild and filled with memories, who wouldn’t want to wipe those greasy, pimply, crooked-toothed, bespectacled pictures of themselves from the pages of time (or your mother’s house, or Facebook, for that matter)?

And yet the awkward stage is something pretty much all of us have had to go through. No where is this more apparent than during our high school years, a time when we feel so old but, looking back, are cruelly reminded that we were no such thing.

Was prom the best night of your life? Do you even remember who you went to prom with? Maybe your school didn’t have a traditional senior prom, so your prom photos will never come back to haunt you. The same can’t be said for these celebrities, and we’ve found some of the best famous prom photos on the web!

danielle fishel lance bass prom

Source: Elle

Would you save the last dance for these celebs?

Matthew McConaughey

matthew mcconaughey prom photo

Source: Elle

This was before McConaughey could make his infamous line about high school girls in Dazed and Confused.

Halle Berry

halle berry prom photo

Source: Elle

Was Halle Berry prom queen? That wouldn’t surprise us one bit.