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Celebs That Were BOMBSHELLS Back in the Day

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Always Respect Your Elders.

You’ve probably heard enough “Back in my day…” stories from your older relatives or seen the “Kids these days don’t what it’s like…” memes on Facebook. Well how about a blast from the past that is worth paying attention to?

You probably know many of these actresses and celebrities from their recent work today, but don’t forget that some of them have been at it for years or even decades. Let’s look back at just how lovely some of these celebs were when they were just starting out in Hollywood.

For the women, it seems that curvy was key back then, instead of skinny and muscled like the Victoria’s Secret models of today, but a beautiful face remains en vogue.

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See these perennial beauties… Va-va-voom!

Betty White

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Playing the ditzy one in The Golden Girls, Betty White is quite the opposite in real life. America’s favorite “old lady” has quite the sense of humor and isn’t afraid to get raunchy. She’s also a fervent animal rights activist, author, comedienne, radio host, and singer.

White was a trailblazer, being one of the first women to have control both in front of and behind the camera. Yet another claim to fame is that she’s recognized as the first woman to produce a sitcom. She’s been in dozens of films and TV shows, and even though she’s 93 years old, there’s no slowing her down.

Jamie Lee Curtis

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You may recognize her as the lady from the Activia yogurt commercials, but Jamie Lee Curtis had a prominent movie career in the late ’70s and ’80s as a horror movie scream queen (and she’s now starring in Fox’s Scream Queens).

If you’re still curious about that rockin’ bod, she takes her top off in one of my favorite movies, Trading Places. She also comes from Hollywood royalty: her parents were Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (the shower chick in Psycho).