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Changing Moods and Curing Depression Using the Sound of Your Own Voice?

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People who talk a lot are going to love this.

Many people report not liking the sound of their own voice, but what if you had the tools to change your mood or even become happier, just by listening to yourself talk?

A recent study on voice and emotion helped change participants’ moods, merely by having them listen to a recording of themselves speaking, and the results indicate that this could be used to treat mood disorders and even depression.

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There’s just one trick the participants didn’t know about…

A recent study set out to observe how the emotions expressed through our own speech can in turn affect our mood.

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“The voice is one of our main channels of emotional expression, and the results of this study indicate that when we speak we do not just influence others but also ourselves. In a sense, we listen to our own voice to find out how we feel,” said Dr. Petter Johansson, one of the authors of the study.

In order to do this, an international team of researchers recorded some 109 participants reading a story out loud.

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Johansson continued, “There is a lot of emotional information contained in a person’s voice, such as change in pitch indicating happiness or sadness, increase in volume showing anger, vibrato indicating fear or stress, talking speed signaling excitement, and so on.”