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Charlie Sheen Predicted HIV Diagnosis In A Dream

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“He Dreamed A Dream In Time Gone By”

Back in November, 2015, Charlie Sheen announced to the world that he’s been living with an HIV-positive status for years now. Love Charlie Sheen or hate him, you can’t deny that the guy has had a LOT to deal with throughout all of his trials and tribulations.

But here’s the craziest part: In a recent interview, Sheen revealed a secret that’s almost hard to believe: he predicted his HIV diagnosis in a dream more than 20 years before it became is reality!

Charlie Sheen

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Read about the details of Charlie Sheen’s CRAZY HIV-predicting dream and learn how he’s decided to use his situation to help the millions of people around the world affected by HIV!

The Biggest Secret Of His Life

Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen learned he was HIV-positive years before he ever let the public in on his not-so-little secret. He was pouring money into not only his treatment, but also millions into covering up the secret from leaking out in the press. But when Sheen was just 28, a bone-chilling image came to him in a dream that would turn out to have a massive effect on his life.

Listen To Your Dreams

Charlie Sheen

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When the actor was just 28-years-old, he had the dream that would come to define his life. He recently opened up about the experience in an interview with Dr. Oz that’s going to air in the United States starting the second week of January, 2016. “(In the dream), I had a sign around my neck that said, ‘AIDS’,” Sheen told the TV doctor.