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Check Out These Cool Celebs Who Cosplay

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“There is no try, only do.”

As we all know, nerds used to get beat up and ridiculed. Now — nerd culture contains that ‘it’ factor, it’s prolific, and it seems like everyone is getting into comics and other activities that were once deemed geeky. It’s great that more and more people are embracing nerd culture and that nerds, dweebs and geeks and their intelligence are now accepted into mainstream society.

Some super fans take their nerdiness to a serious level with cosplay. Dressing up as your favorite comic book character, sci-fi hero or video game villain requires serious creativity and commitment. Plus cosplayers are one of the awesomest spectacles at comic conventions. Well everyday nerds aren’t the only one who appreciate dressing up. Check out these famous people who get down with comic cons.

rock as fred flinstone

Source: Imgur @Cavyonthestreet

These costumes are no joke!

Daniel Radcliffe

daniel radcliff superman

Source: Imgur @Cavyonthestreet

Yup, Harry Potter himself went to a comic con disguised as one of his favorite superheroes.

Michelle Trachtenberg

michelle trachtenberg sally

Source: Imgur @Cavyonthestreet

This is some serious commitment to Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas!