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Check Out What Your Date Of Birth Reveals About Your Personality

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Number three

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The number 3 is very spiritual, although you might not necessarily identify with any specific religion. You could excel in writing, visual or performing arts You also are quick witted, logical and well spoken. Watch out though: you can be moody and go on emotional rollercoasters. Devout scientologist and action star Tom Cruise is a three.

Number four

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Hardworking, disciplined and responsible is how others would describe you. You take your obligations seriously and have follow through. Furthermore, you’re an extremely independent person and you sometimes turn people off with your aloofness. Watch out for being too independent though, it’s good to let people in. Angelina Jolie is a classic example of a four.

Number five

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You are full of wanderlust. You love traveling and adventures and cannot be pinned down to one place. Your curiosity knows no bounds. You also love to laugh and have intelligent discussions. However, you can be stubborn and impatient. Remember: good things come to those who wait! Albert Einstein was a good example of a five.