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Cheerleader with Down’s Syndrome Rocks the Routine

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Source: YouTube/ Storyful

This teenager looks like she has plenty of cheerleaders of her own sitting in the bleachers, rooting for her during this pep rally.

14-year-old Monica has Down’s Syndrome, but you’d know that nothing is holding her back if you saw her out there on the court. She tries her hardest to be your average teenager, and she dedicates most of her time and energy to cheerleading.

According to her dad, Monica is a talented dancer, but learning the routine for the squad can be difficult. She puts in extra time to practice the tricky, upbeat dancing, but as you can see in the video below, she rocks it like a pro!

This video is awesomely uplifting, showing us how people overcome any obstacles in their way to pursue their hobbies and have fun. It’s even better to see how much fun Monica is having out there, blending right in with her fellow cheerleaders like any other Texas teenager. It warms out heart to hear that Monica has always been met with respect and support by her family, peers, community, and, of course, her squad.

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