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Christie Brinkley’s Daughter, Sailor, Takes Down Internet Trolls in Epic Insta-Rant

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Got get ’em, Sailor!

The advent of the internet brought with it the ability to communicate with others instantaneously across the world, and one can remain completely anonymous if one takes the proper precautions. There are rarely any consequences for things you say online, so, if you remain nameless, why not just say anything you want? This has opened the door to the land of the trolls. These pesky internet pest exist purely to cause chaos, invoke fear, and attempt to hurt others, and their ridiculous antics are usually written-off as the ramblings of lonely, confused people who can do nothing but lash out at others. Even the most beautiful among us fall victim to the trolls.

Sailor Brinkley comes from an excellent gene pool, but she wants to make it clear to everyone now that she’s her own, unique person. She doesn’t appreciate being constantly compared to her mother, father, siblings, colleagues, etc., but those impish internet trolls have simply refused to leave her alone. But instead of just letting it go as usual, she decided to stop and fight back, and she’s got nothing but support behind her.

sailor brinkley cook

Source: Instagram @sailorbrinkleycook

Sailor shut down these haters with one post.

Meet Sailor

christie and sailor brinkley

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If you weren’t already aware of her, Sailor Brinkley Cook is the gorgeous 18-year-old daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley. She’s also the half-sister of Alexa whose father is Billy Joel. Sailor was a “late bloomer” according to her famous mother, but she grew into her looks and began modeling at the tender age of 15, appearing on magazine covers and being the top model of some successful clothing lines. It’s easy to see why: the luxurious blonde hair, those baby blue eyes, her sleek, svelte stature. Sailor is a knockout.

The Scholar

christie and sailor brinkley

Source: Instagram @christiebrinkley

But along with her stunning looks and burgeoning modeling career, Sailor is now attending Parsons School of Design in New York, a prestigious college where students can learn the arts of such things as fashion. Sailor worked for years to ensure her enrollment at the school, and her mother is extremely proud of her achievement. Christie stated on Instagram, “She’s got a good head on her shoulders and it’s full of dreams so now she’s off to college to make them all come true. I believe in you Sailor.”