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Citizens of Brussels Fight Terrorists with Cat Memes

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Brussels is still on the highest level of terror alert because of the “serious and imminent” threat of Paris-style terrorist attacks, says Belgium’s prime minister. Colleges, schools and public transportation are shut down. And while we here in the US know how frightening something like that can be, there’s actually a light-hearted turn of events regarding this lockdown.

Police officials are conducting manhunts for suspected terrorists hiding in the country’s capital. In times of live-Tweeting all news, the Brussels police asked that people don’t reveal too much over social media regarding the manhunt. “For safety, please observe radio silence on social media about ongoing police operations,” the Police Federale posted on Twitter, according to Google Translate.

Instead of “radio silence,” cooped up citizens are letting off steam while being cheeky and throwing off the terrorists with a barrage of cat photos, cat memes and cat gifs with the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown.

cat meme starwars

Source: Imgur @LTRoxas

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