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The Amazing New Movement Shaming Racist Trolls

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“Virtual Racism, Real Consequences”

The internet has always been a place where the good, the bad, and the ugly come together to the forefront, and no website is an exception. Even the day’s best news is bound to find negative feedback in the comments section or on Facebook, with all scraps of positivity eliminated by one of countless faceless trolls.

But now, the trolls are getting a taste of their own medicine.

One civil rights group has taken a bold approach to countering internet racism, teaching us all that digital hate crimes are real crimes.

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Source: YouTube @ONG Criola

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The Movement

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Source: YouTube @ONG Criola

We’ve all seen it. Outright racism or other engrained systematic prejudices, in our families, in our friend groups, at work, our even in our own thoughts, words, and actions. But how often do you do something about it?

Criola is a Brazilian organization founded in 1992 by and for black women. They embrace the diverse cultural history of Brazil and use it to teach modern society acceptance. According to their site, the organization “works to defend black women rights, in a cross and integrated perspective.”

The Message

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Source: YouTube @ONG Criola

Racism is a huge problem in Brazil today. As one man in Criola’s most recent video says, the racism “stems from the ignorance of the people who don’t have the knowledge to understand that the origins of Brazil start with black people.”

And this racism is no more present in Brazil today than on the internet, where trolls feel safely hidden by profiles and usernames. Although these people feel that their words and comments hold less meaning because they’re posted online, Criola has decided to take matters into their own hands by showing that virtual racism has real consequences.