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Classic Paintings Reimagined With Cartoon Characters

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It seems like the popularity of fine art is waning. With so many media forms these days, we always have our noses glued to a screen instead of appreciating class works of art. Well meet some talented artists and designers from Design Crowd that are mixing pop culture with famous works of art. Hopefully they will get you interested in fine art if you already weren’t. I can see these catching on and becoming staples of college kids dorm rooms.

the simpsons as the last supper

Source: designcrowd @Metrocity

Class AND laughs!

Lois and Stewie from Family Guy

raphael painting starring stewie and lois from family guy

Source: designcrowd @SwimArtest

The original is “The Small Cowper Madonna” by Raphael

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

belle as mona lisa

Source: designcrowd @richardroy

The original is “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci