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Coffee, Chocolate and Other Favorite Foods May Go Extinct

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Say it ain’t so!

It’s amazing that some people choose not to believe that global warming is a thing and that the climate is indeed affecting us all. Be in denial all you want, but in 15 years or so, some of your favorite food staples may not grace your plate anymore. Believe it or not, the proof is in the pudding and experts say this list of foods may not be around for much longer. Imagine a life without coffee?!

wine and wine grapes

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See the list of foods that may not be around forever.


chocolate and cocoa

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Most of the world’s chocolate supply is produced in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, which are two areas severely affected by rising temperatures. Scientists predict that cocoa production will signifigantly reduce by 2030. That means your favorite chocolate treat will cost you big bucks. May I offer you a date or some raisins? Didn’t think so.


coffee and beans

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Coffee can be found at every street corner in America these days, but prices will be going up and you won’t be able to that $1 cup of Joe for much longer. Why? All sorts of things can reek havoc on coffee production. Pest infestations, deforestation, changing weather patters. Something like just a half-degree rise in temperatures can drastically affect production. In places like India, extreme rainfall events have even cut yields by 30%.