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Coffee, Chocolate and Other Favorite Foods May Go Extinct

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honey and honeycomb


Colony Collapse Disorder has wiped out more than 1/3 of America’s honeybees. And honey cannot be produced without bees.

Maple Syrup

maple syrup on pancakes

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You can always fall back on that fake stuff if you like to punish yourself. But hotter temperatures lead to shorter sapping season for maple trees. They are also less and less sugary. Average temperaturess in New England are 2 to 4 degrees higher than they were 100 years ago. If they go up another 6 degrees, the world may lose its sugar maple population entirely. Won’t something please think about the pancakes?!


close up of bacon

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Say whaaaaa?! The United Kingdom’s National Pig Association revealed that a world shortage of pork is expected in the coming years.