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Coffee, Chocolate and Other Favorite Foods May Go Extinct

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many bunches of bananas

Credit: PS Prometheus/Shutterstock

One of the cheapest fruits out there may not be so affordable for much longer. Panama disease has crossed continents and have effected banana plantations in Asia, Africa, and Australia and it’s only a matter of time before South America is hit.


peanuts and peanut butter

Credit: inewsfoto/Shutterstock

What’s a Summer ballpark game or airplane ride without peanuts? The peanut plant itself is hard to raise. Increasing temps and long-term droughts make it even harder to grow. Georgia grows over 42% of the US’s peanuts.


delicious oysters

Credit: Lisovskaya Natalia/Shutterstock

Oyster beds are being destroyed from commercial fishing so these deliciousnesses don’t have a chance to repopulate.