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Common ‘Star Wars’ Misconceptions

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One of the highest-grossing franchises of all time, Star Wars has remained a fixture of popular culture since A New Hope first debuted in 1977.

From costumes to spaceships to famous lines, Star Wars is heavily referenced and perennially relevant, especially following the release of The Force Awakens in December 2015– the highest-grossing film in the franchise to date. However, several popular conceptions about the space opera are just plain wrong.

If you’re a dedicated Star Wars fan, these might not surprise you, so do everyone a favor by sharing with those who need the Force more than you.

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Think you know Star Wars? Think again.

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Set in the Future

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For those living among us who’ve never seen Star Wars at all (yes, these people exist), one of the most common misconceptions they have is that the movies are all set in the future.

And why wouldn’t they be? Galaxies away, advanced human, alien, and droid civilizations, planet-sized space stations, the ability to travel at lightspeed: as with most sci-fi, you’re inclined to think this is the future.

But if you’ve seen any Star Wars–even just the first few seconds–you’d know that these storylines took place “a long time ago.” Come on, people. Next.

Stormtroopers Are All Clones

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When you see an army of seemingly endless troops all wearing the same uniforms, you might be inclined to think that these are all robots. Then, recurring clone plots among the Sith and the Empire (plus precursors and successors) may make things even more confusing. For this reason, it’s often thought that all stormtroopers are clones.

In the three prequel movies, we do see a clone army (clone troopers), all of whom took the genetic makeup of Jango Fett. While these soldiers dutifully served the Jedi and Republic for a time, they turned out to be a secret weapon of the Sith and helped give rise to the Empire. These clones suffered from an advanced aging process, however, so by the time the original three movies take place, most of the Imperial Army consists of human or alien volunteers, though there are still some clones in the mix.