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Common ‘Star Wars’ Misconceptions

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“Luke, I Am Your Father”

star wars no i am your father

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One of the most-quoted movie lines of all time, turns out this isn’t the correct line at all.

Do you know what it is? So close and yet so far, the actual quote is “No, I am your father.”

Same Death Star

star wars death stars not the same

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The most formidable space station in the galaxy, we see the first Death Star destroyed at the end of A New Hope. Fast forward a bit and we see a partially-completed Death Star in Return of the Jedi.

As it turns out, Death Star II is an entirely new, larger, and far more powerful structure, though built in the likeness of the first. Unfortunately for the Empire, it meets the same fate as its predecessor.

Luke and Leia Romance

star wars luke leia kiss

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Having not seen any of the movies, it’s easy for someone to think that Luke and Leia are the love interests of the trilogy. The poster for A New Hope looks like the cover of an old romance novel with L & L at the center. If you’ve seen bits and pieces of the movies, you might even know that the two share a kiss in Empire Strikes Back. In fact, a fair amount of proof exists to show that the pair weren’t intended to be twins before Lucas changed his mind for the third movie, a topic which the creator has never directly addressed.

Still, if you’ve seen the films, you’ll know that this romance is not true at all, and that Leia and Han fall for each other.