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Controversial Bill Proposed to Regulate Burner Phones in the US

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Introduced on March 23, the bill aims to address the security loopholes that a phone with no information about or legal connection to its buyer creates.

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The Pre-Paid Mobile Device Security Gap Act of 2016 would require buyers to provide their full name, home address, and date of birth, as well as ID, a W-2 form, or another “acceptable” document that retailers would maintain records of.

While well-intentioned, the bill doesn’t specify the security measures that would then exist around this customer information, a paper trail that criminals or hackers could easily use to violate people’s individual security. Endangering people’s personal information seems especially likely given the fact that many burner phones are sold at kiosks and even convenience stores.

Citing that burner phones were used by terrorists on 9/11 and in Paris, Speier’s bill comes after the security measures behind even private phones was heavily debated across the nation.

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Just weeks earlier, Apple found itself at the center of a debate about whether or not the government could force phone companies to unlock mobile devices given a threat to national security. Is losing our personal information and having our rights violated worth protecting larger groups within society?

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