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Coolest Urinals In the Universe

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Make Your Mark Somewhere Special

We use bathrooms every single day of our lives. At this point it’s pretty darn routine. So when you walk into a bathroom with an exciting experience prepared for you, it’s something we love to talk about — especially dudes, and especially when it comes to weird urinals.

For men who love to make their mark everywhere they go (and for women who don’t get a chance to see how awesome, and dirty, men’s bathrooms are) here are the coolest urinals in the world.

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15. For The Man Who Likes Science

thermodynamic urinal


There’s a lot of questioning on whether or not this thermodynamic urinal actually exists or it’s just a design concept, but the idea behind it is pretty awesome. The wall of the urinal is built from materials that are heat sensitive, so you’re able hose down whatever pattern you’d like on the wall, changing it from green and blue to orange and red. You’re a whiz at art! Sure beats the snow.

14. For The Man Who Appreciates An Audience

funny urinal


For men who like their egos fluffed a little bit, we’ve got the bathroom for you. There’s no reason to be pee-shy while taking your turn at the Sofitel Urinal in New Zealand.