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Cops Are Cracking Down On Marijuana Companies With Over-The-Top Raids

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The Cops aren’t playing any games!

A flurry of Americans frequently indulge in marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes. For several years, marijuana companies have raked in millions of dollars. Despite government officials attempting to stifle their rise, these growers continue to flourish.  So rather than wait for the state’s vote in November to determine whether recreational marijuana will be permitted, cops are aggressively taking things into their own hands, which has many companies trembling in fear.

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The Shakedown

The Feds Are Watching

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California authorities have been feverishly preying on budding marijuana companies in hopes of raiding their buildings and confiscating tons of assets. Med-West, a medical THC extract company in San Diego, has haplessly watched authorities raid their facilities not once, but twice. The first time occurred in January, when the narcotics task force snatched $1.4 million in cash, products, and money from several bank accounts.

Authorities Raided Med-West the Second Time in June


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When the authorities seized over $1.4 million back in January, they managed to nab $325,570 from the safe of Med-West’s owner, James Slatic. Despite being raided, Slatic stood his ground and Med-West remained open, until his facilities were ransacked again by cops in June. This ultimately forced his company to fold.

According to Inc since 2010, Med-West has been providing “hundreds of licensed dispensaries around California with medical CO2-extracted cannabis oil and products.” Even though the city of San Diego granted Slatic’s company a license, they consistently were harassed by federal agents.

Slatic and his wife, have both watched their personal bank accounts and their children’s college savings accounts freeze at the hand of the government.