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Countries’ Histories in One Sentence

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Fast Forward Through History Class

Remember all the years you spent studying various countries’ histories in school and beyond? What have you done with that knowledge since then?

Based on where in the world you’re from, you’re more likely to study certain nation’s pasts to greater or lesser extents. Whereas Canada, Australia, and the United States may have a bigger focus on British history, continental European countries are more likely to learn about their own neighbors in the EU. By the time you finish schooling, there may still very well be countries you know nothing about other than their names.

But now you don’t have to worry about doing any more research, thanks to these one-liners that perfectly sum up various countries’ histories in no time.

Accurate or not, these sure are good for a laugh.

countries 1

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Do these get your country’s history right??

O Canada

countries 2

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When in doubt, pinky out.

countries 3

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Come to think of it, this isn’t far from the reality.