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Couples That Took Their Facebook PDA to the Next Level

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No, I Love YOU More!!

PDA, or “public display of affection,” is a condition that many of us see on a daily basis, usually coming from young lovers that are still going through the honeymoon phase and are oblivious of everyone else around them.

Sometimes it can be really cute to watch others in their happiness, say, holding hands or sharing a kiss in the park. It can even make your whole day brighter.

And sometimes not.

You know the couple making out on the subway when it’s so crowded that you basically become a part of their embrace? Yeah, well these are the internet versions of them. These Facebook posts are almost too much to bear… almost.

facebook pda intro

Source: imgur/ FinalCutLoser/ Facebook

Start the slideshow below to see some of the hilarious examples of Facebook PDA that went WAY too far, then SHARE!


facebook pda 2

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For their sake, I REALLY hope they don’t break up any time soon…or that they invest in a lot of long sleeve shirts.

Truth Bomb

facebook pda 7

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Bobby knows what’s up.