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Craziest Unexpected Things Dug Up at Construction Sites

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Live German Bomb

unexpected finds german bomb

Source: Twitter @WarHistoryOL

A fascinating and terrifying discovery was made in the Serbian capital of Belgrade back in 2013 when construction in the city center uncovered a live, one-ton, WWII-era German bomb that had remained there for over 70 years. Filled with 620 kilograms of explosives, the prime minister told reporters that “the bomb had a great destruction power, and if it had exploded, it would have blown up the entire area.”

The bomb was removed by the military and later destroyed.

Mammoth Tusk

unexpected finds mammoth tusk

Source: Twitter @DigEnviroNews

Seattle-based construction workers and archaeologists alike got the surprise of their lives in 2014 after an 8-foot-6 fossilized mammoth tusk was discovered below an apartment development site.

Belonging to a Mammuthus columbi, the tusk is believed to be between 16,000 and 60,000 years old.

A Whale in Vermont

unexpected finds charlotte vermont whale

Source: Twitter @JoannaBTV

When you think of Vermont, chances are you think of snow, skiing, and cheese. Or maybe you think of an 11,500-year-old whale. Either way, you’d be right.

Railroad workers in the small town of Charlotte, Vermont couldn’t believe their eyes back in 1849 when they discovered whale fossils while constructing the state’s first rail network. Found in a field 200 miles and several mountain ranges away from the nearest ocean, the discovery of the whale, aptly named Charlotte, may seem like an anomaly, but her final resting place is attributed to an unfortunate death in shallow waters and the effects of glacial activity.