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Creepy Images of Surgeries Done Before Modern Medicine

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Some Yummy Shoulder Anatomy

Creepy Images of Surgeries Done in The 17th Century


This anatomical illustration of the anatomy of a shoulder gives you an idea of just how complicated the human body is. Shoulder injuries like torn rotator cuffs that result from hard use over time were just as common back in the day as they are now, only back then the solution was pretty much cut ‘er open, make sure nothing’s gonna kill you in there, sew it back up, and get on with life.

And chances are likely that you died of an infection in recovery.

COMING UP NEXT: brains, blood, and stitches, oh my! Keep reading!


Creepy Images of Surgeries Done in The 17th Century


While the practice of successful neurosurgery is relatively young compared to many other medical procedures, humans have been poking and prodding at the brain for thousands of years to see what effects they could drum up. This cross-section of a cadaver from the 19th century is a friendly reminder that luckily, we’ve come a long, LONG way in the medical industry.

MAJOR Throwback

Creepy Images of Surgeries Done in The 17th Century


The practice of blood transfusion dates back to the 1600’s, when scientists first discovered the circulating pattern of blood throughout the body and began experimenting on dogs, but it would be almost 300 years before the art of blood transfusion was really honed.

But before people were trying to inject their blood into other people for medical purposes, bloodletting was a common medical practice – the regular bleeding of an individual to release “humors” within the body – which come in good and bad forms, and had to remain in a healthy balance for the survival of the individual.

And trust us, these people weren’t using needles and sanitary syringes – it looked a lot more like the image above, cut it and let that ish FLOW.