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Dad Fails: 15 Dads Who Lacked Better Judgement

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And The Father Of The Year Award Goes To…

Dads. They’re the ones who pick you up when you fall, but more often than not they’re the ones who pushed you in the first place! You’ve probably had to sit through countless hours of terrible jokes, watch him burn the turkey and then blame it on the oven, and do everything he can within his power to embarrass you. For those of you out there who ARE dads, you’ve probably pulled a stunt like this before:

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Because let’s face it, all dad’s are really the same. They’re just grown-up children who wanna have fun, and sometimes lack the better judgement to know when enough is enough! In this gallery, we’ve gathered the most hilarious dad fail gifs we could find on the internet, and it’s some pretty great stuff, folks.

Warning: the following images contain content that reflects bad parenting. DO NOT try these stunts at home.

Think your dad was bad? Keep reading for proof that your dad isn’t the dadliest dad out there!

That Can’t Be Good For His Back


But come on. Look at the look on his daughter’s face — he’s doing it right.

Only A Dad Could Literally Throw His Son Through The Air


I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but the kid frantically kicking his legs after his dad’s little toss lands him face down in the pool is freaking adorable.