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Dad Turns Wheelchair-Bound Son Into Skatepark Daredevil

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8-year-old Atticus Edmunds of Placerville, California was born with cerebral palsy and weighed only 2 pounds and 2 ounces. He doesn’t express emotions that often, but when he hits the skatepark in his wheelchair, you can tell he’s having a blast. While Atticus is limited in his mobility, attacking the skatepark is something he can do and feel connected to other children.

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Check out Atticus in action!

Speed Demon

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Last month Atticus and his dad, Jared, heard about another boy whose father pushed him through a skatepark, so Edmunds’ “dropped everything and loaded up the car.” While Atticus has never skated, it was apparent to his parents that he loves the adrenline rush of going fast. “There has never been a roller coaster too fast or a swing too high for Atticus,” Jared said. “He can be a little daredevil when he wants to be.”


atticus skating

Source: Facebook @Reese Dixon

“Atti got recognized and other kids were giving him high 5’s while other parents were telling Jared how he inspired them to take their kids to the park. And then Atti had his first wipeout (no blood or injury, just a fall) and he got spooked, but he decided he was a skater and skaters get back up,” his mom Tresa said on Facebook.