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‘The Daily Beast’ Outs Olympic Athletes, Then Asks for a Take-Back

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‘TDB’ reporter exploits and endangers Olympic athletes

I don’t care about the Olympics. I’ll admit it though, watching Simone Biles gyroscopically flip around in the air made my heart flutter, even brought a moistness to my eyes, but, save that, the games are kind of a bore. A quadrant-split screen with buff, scantily-clad dudes flopping around in the water, trim female tennistas howling off their volleys, ripped bikers scaling mountains, and tan beach volleyballers rolling around in the sand just tends to leave me staring off into the distance.

But when The Daily Beast sent reporter Nico Hines to troll the Rio Olympic Village for hookups, then report back on them to the world, I sat up on my sofa. Hines, who is straight and married, used Grindr (for those of you without a smartphone, the gay dating app that begot Tinder) to solicit dates with Olympic athletes, and then he wrote in-depth descriptions of the athletes for the world to read about. Several of these athletes were not openly gay and from nations where homosexuality is a serious crime or punishable by death.

Nico Hines

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Reporter outs Olympic athletes putting them in serious danger

Sex in the Olympic Village

Swim Rio

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For the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Brazilian government decided to handout 450,000 free, sustainably-produced condoms to athletes in the Olympic Village. That breaks down to approximately 42 condoms (or camisinhas as they say in Brazil) per athlete, Bustle reports. And this is only a fraction of the nine million condoms the government will be distributing in Rio during the Games.

The Korean government started handing out free condoms to athletes at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the Australian government scrambled to supplement an extra 20,000 prophylactics after their original supply of 70,000 ran out halfway through the Games (I guess the athletes had tired themselves out).

In the media, jokes abound about the steamy miasma of cut, tanned and horny bodies bed-swapping in the tiny Olympic Village placed in the idyllic hills of Rio. The Daily Beast joined in on the fun, albeit rather lamely, last month. But this wasn’t the end of their coverage.

A Predator Among Champions

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In the pursuit of eye-catching, salacious “investigative” journalism, The Daily Beast sent Nico Hines to the Olympic Village armed with a smartphone full of dating apps, tasteful selfies (we assume), and a total lack of scruples. His goal: to catfish some of the hardest working athletes in the world at their most physically and emotionally vulnerable state.

For those of you reading the internets for the first time, “catfishing” is using an online avatar to pretend to be someone else, often to pursue sex or engage in other nefarious behavior. Nico Hines (whose full name I will continue to use and whose Twitter handle is @NicoHines and Instagram is @nicohines) used Grindr to cop some dates with Olympic contenders, though, judging from his picture, we’re not really sure how. Maybe he had a really clever blurb, but we’re guessing that didn’t include he was a journalist reporting on sex at the Olympics.