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Dangerous Internet Challenge Teens Are Doing That All Parents Should Know About

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This New Internet Challenge Almost Cost A Boy His Life

If you have a kid who’s old enough to use the internet, then you should DEFINITELY take caution from the mom in this story who is BEGGING parents around the country not to let their children partake in this dangerous internet challenge.

The internet can be a very weird place, and people love watching videos of other people doing crazy things. We’re constantly coming up with weird new challenges for people to subject them to, and any kid with a cellphone and a YouTube account can make one. These challenges have included the Baby Food Challenge, The Ice Bucket Challenge, The Fire Challenge, and the Cinnamon Challenge.

The worst thing about these challenges is that the incentive to garner a high view count on Facebook and YouTube means that kids feel compelled to push the limits of safety and sanity in their videos to gain interest, so seemingly harmless challenges can become life-threatening risks. The challenge that recently almost ended one 14-year-old boy’s life and left him blind is the Escape Challenge, in which people duct tape their friends to a chair and challenge them to escape.

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Keep reading find out more about this dangerous challenge and hear the mother’s advice to other moms!

This Is The Duct Tape Escape Challenge

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This video is an example of the dangerous Duct Tape Escape Challenge. Obviously, the kids in this video were unharmed, and many complete the challenge without injury. But as we mentioned before, view counts create incentive to push the safety boundaries of the game, and for 14-year-old Skylar Fish of Renton, Washington, pushing that boundary brought him an inch from death.

“It crushed his whole eye socket and pinched off nerves in his eye.”

In an attempt to make their own spin on the challenge, Skylar and his friends veered from the normal practice of duct taping an individual to a chair and decided to do the challenge with Skylar standing up on the concrete outside of Renton Academy. When he lost his balance, he fell and hit his face on the window sill.

“It crushed his whole eye socket and pinched off nerves in his eye,” Skylar’s mom, Sarah, shared in an interview with Kiro TV. Skylar then fell to the ground and smashed his head on the pavement, resulting in a brain aneurysm.