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DC Woman Arrested for Twerking

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Is Twerking a Crime?

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Source: YouTube @New York Daily News

Like something out of Footloose, two DC women were wanted by police this past month for dancing. Twerking, if we’re being technical.

True, it sounds like crazy news, but there’s a very legitimate reason why the women’s provocative dancing turned into a more serious crime.

The following security footage from a DC-area gas station convenience store is going viral after it captured two women on camera aggressively trying to get one man’s attention. While waiting in line, one woman begins to twerk up on the man, while her friend appears to attempt grabbing the cash out of his hand.

Following the incident, the humiliated man went to police to report a serious crime that often goes ignored. Woman-on-man sexual assault.

Oh really?

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Source: YouTube @New York Daily News

Typically, when you think of sexual assault, you think of men assaulting women. Unfortunately, the crime works both ways, only it often goes unreported when the victim is a man.

Just hear what the man in the gas station had to say about the situation, “I felt 100 percent violated. I felt really humiliated also, because when someone is just grabbing your body parts without your permission, no matter who it is, that’s just a violation completely.”

The man, who identified himself as a schoolteacher but wished to remain anonymous because of his embarrassment, said he was concerned for his life during the assault, fearing that the women were working for a pimp who might be nearby with a weapon; he had to wait in his car afterwards while calling police.

Though the incident occurred in October, the police recently arrested the twerker in the video, 22-year-old Ayanna Marie Knight of Las Vegas, who previously had several prostitution charges on her record. For the twerking episode, Knight was charged with third-degree sexual abuse. Her friend is still at large.

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