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Despite All Explanation, These Are the Concepts Most People Still Cannot Grasp

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I Don’t Get It.

There will always be topics we simply don’t understand.

Many of us may have encountered these weak spots in our school days: Perhaps you excelled at languages, history, and science, but you just couldn’t wrap your head around math. Or maybe you were really good at all types of math, and then you simply couldn’t process geometry. Hey, it happens. No one is perfect.

And who can blame you? With all the weird and wacky things going on in the world around us, it would be impossible for any one individual to understand everything happening. Most of us don’t even understand why our own parents or kids do the things they do; how could we ever expect to understand total strangers?

Redditors were asked to share the concepts which, despite an abundance of explanation, they still simply cannot understand. When it gets down to the specifics, these are downright hilarious.

confusing what is eternity


Are you smarter than these people?

Working Against Me

confusing earth's gravitational pull


As a concept I simply can’t wrap my mind around gravity, and gravitational waves just blow my mind apart. I understand what gravity is, and I can explain it… But the warping of spacetime as a result of mass doesn’t become a solid, coherent thought in my brain. (Ryltarr)

Almost exactly what I was going to say. So like, time isn’t the progression of the universe in increments? It’s actually somehow tied to the physical space we exist in, but also space is just as equally linked to time, and we are part of space, and we can observe both space and time individually, but they’re inseparable, and Einstein proved it by looking at a star through an eclipse? So orbits aren’t things being attracted to other things, but pre-positioned paths in this “spacetime” carved out by a thing called gravity, which doesn’t work in the way I think it does, which I didn’t understand in the first place?

I think I just wet my pants. (Shoeheaddotcom)

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confusing man shocked at computer

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Why people comment on porn videos. (C3B4me)

I find the “share” buttons even funnier. I mean who wouldn’t want Grandma to know that you just jerked off to some asian bondage porn. (Mr_fedup)

Pornhub comments are like PHD thesis compared to YouTube comments. (Coolfuckingname)