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Dirty Secrets Massive Companies Don’t Want You to Know as Told by Anonymous Employees

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The beans are definitely spilled

Everyone person in this place we call Earth has their secrets: big, small, life-shattering or insignificant, everyone has them. It no surprise then that companies of every shape and size have bits of intel that they don’t want the public to find out. If it just so happens that the public does find out, well, that company might just end up like Enron.

A user on Reddit asked “What ‘insider’ secrets does the company you work for NOT want its customers to find out?” and anonymous employees let all of the cats out of the bag. All of them.

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Take a look in Pandora’s box with us!

National Sleep Foundation

sleep PlanetGreen

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The USA famous brand ******** and its “official pillow of the national sleep foundation” means nothing since the owner created the group. (MinnesotaYeti)

Out of Order

disgusting gym facts bathroom go


The major gym chain that I worked for actively tries to discourage members from becoming frequent members.

How do they do this? They would start by putting treadmills and elliptical out of order, or preventative maintenance. And would keep them out of commission until attendance got to manageable levels where the gym did not feel so crowded and thus easier to sell memberships.

And getting out of a membership was damn near impossible. (Ikantbeliveit)