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Disabled American Soldier Visits Boy to Show His Disability Changes Nothing

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Keeping America Great

Every day, US soldiers across the world put their lives at risk so we can comfortably live at home. Of the more than 50,000 American troops wounded in action in Iraq and Afghanistan, 1000 lost a major limb and required an amputation.

Conversely, about one in 2000 babies are born each year with a missing or deformed limb. Being disabled can greatly affect ones life and career, depending on one’s passion, but since the technology for prothstetics has improved dramatically, windows of opportunity are quickly opening again. This disabled soldier visited a disabled boy to prove missing a limb doesn’t change anything.

Jose Louis Sanchez pushing over a tirev

Source: Instagram @jls143_

Keep the tissues close, this one pulls on your heartstrings

Meet Jose Luis Sanchez

Jose Louis Sanchez taking a selfie

Source: Instagram @jls143_

He served as a Marine sergeant in Afghanistan in 2011 when he misstepped on an IED and lost his left leg and 90 percent of his right calf in the blast. Coming back to the states, Jose fell into a depression and closed himself off to the world.

“I became a complete introvert,” Sanchez said. “I just wanted to workout to become the person I used to be.”

“I didn’t want to show my wounds because I didn’t want anyone to look down on me,” Sanchez continued. “I didn’t want to hear that negativity; I felt ugly. Nobody wants to see those wounds, hell I don’t even want to see them.”

Good For The World

Jose Louis Sanchez showing his amputation

Source: Instagram @jls143_

After holing himself up for four years, Jose realized he needed the support of others and could potentially help others like him. He began posting Instagram videos of his workouts and the response was nothing but positive.

He now has upwards of 23 thousand follows.