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Disabled American Soldier Visits Boy to Show His Disability Changes Nothing

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In Comes Diego Mercado

Diego holding warrior in training and stickers

Credit: Team Diego

Diego is a 10-year-old boy with high hopes of becoming a soldier, just like his dad. Diego was born without a right leg only two fingers on his right hand. He deals with similar troubles like Jose.

Diego regularly hangs out with veterans and even trains like a soldier — doing push-ups, lifting weights and flipping tires. “He started to realize, hey, I’m a little different from the other kids,” Diego’s father said. “It broke our hearts because he would come home and say, ‘The kids said I’m a robot.’ Or, ‘Dad, how come I don’t have a leg or a hand like the other kids?'”

Now, Diego sees his disability as an advantage to help other disabled children and wounded veterans by running a nonprofit that provides financial support.

Inspirations Alike

Diego and Jose Louis Sanchez together

Credit: Team Diego

Jose recently visited Diego and the two spent the day working out like true soldiers. “A lot of times vets come back and feel like they don’t have any self-worth,” Diego’s dad continued. “So if they can inspire kids like Diego, it helps. And Diego doesn’t see that they’re injured. He sees, hey, they have a leg like mine!”

Leading By Example

“I want to lead by example,” said Sanchez. “I hope that some people see what I’ve done and it invokes that fire within them to get over whatever is holding them back.” We have no doubt that Jose is inspiring thousands everywhere!!

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