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Disney Cakes That Will Make Your Kids Love You!

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Come Inside! It’s FUN Inside!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cakes


Mickey’s gang has grown considerably over the years and today kids are still enjoying The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Channel! Daisy is probably my favorite character of the gang — her sass and sharp wit keep it real. And the artistic talent of these bakers is truly astounding!


Pixar: Things Get A Little More Digital

pixar cake


Many people don’t know this, but Pixar began as a branch of Star Wars parent company Lucas Films in 1979 under the name Graphics Group, before going corporate in 1986 with support from former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who became a majority shareholder in the company.

Acquired by Disney in 2006, Pixar is known for its top-of-the-line computer generated graphics and rich, comedic, and heart-wrenching story telling skills. Seeing many of the favorite Pixar characters together in this impressive cake gives you an idea of just how massive the impact of Pixar films has been!

These People Know Who To Jerk A Tear

Toy Story 3 and Up cakes


You may have heard of this little franchise called Toy Story — I grew up with these movies, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I watched Toy Story 3 as a teenager, I was literally sobbing like a baby in the movie theater.

And can we talk about the incredible confectionary detailing on the balloons in that UP! cake? The work really speaks for itself.