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Doing the Deed: Redditors Share How They Lost Their Virginity

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Usedinpublic: “Be 17 She wanted to wait until after prom like in the movies or something. She didnt want her mom to hear so she turned on golden girls to cover the sound.”

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“I lasted pretty long because Bea aurthur was starin over my shoulder.”

gypsy113: “My best friend of a few years, always loved her. We finally stopped being friends and started dating. I was 19. A few months in, I came over to her house, we had ramen, and then we had sex. We both cried and said I love you a lot. It was pretty neat.”

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Amberfield: “I was sixteen and oh my, it was so romantically planned! Candles! Roses! Soft music! The whispering of sweet nothings in my ear… Then one morning a few days before the big event was planned we woke up hungover and banged. Such is life.”

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